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Futureless Things

The film is a cinematic mixture: black comedy, musical film, fantasy film, even sitcom and thriller. Thirteen episodes in which we accompany a student, a musician, a lesbian, a North Korean defector and others, ...

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Fasten Your Seatbelt is a humorous story about Ma Joon-Gyu - a pop star is on a flight from Tokyo to Seoul. The journey would have ended well if the aircraft had not caught up in a big storm. With an inexperiened caption and bad weather, the lives of the passengers on this trip is like a thousand pounds hanging hair. Too alarmed by this situation, pop star Joon-Gyu Lama accidentally exposes the dark side which he concealed.

One Way Trip (Glory Day)

The movie follows four 19 year old friends on a trip before one of them go to the military. When seeing a woman beaten by a man, they try to rescue her, only to realize that it changes their lives forever.

Heartless City

Nam Gyu Ri sizzles and sways in this noir thriller about getting in too deep. When her best friend suffers a brutal fate while undercover in the crime underworld, Han Soo Min is driven to pick up where her friend left off. But in the shadows, there are no rules and no reason: Soo Min falls for the organization’s king pin, who also happens to be the prime suspect of her friend’s murder. With a betrayal at every corner, can Soo Min afford to trust the unjust? As with all things noir, expect seduction, femme fatales and mystery!

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The drama tells the story of Han Kyul who pretends to be his gay lover to scare away his family's set-ups. Trouble starts when Han Kyul begins to get to know the hardworking and lovable Eun Chan, a tomboy, who pretend to be a lad.

Cheongdamdong Alice

It is about a young woman's "journey" to Cheongdam-dong ― one of the wealthiest areas in southern Seoul ― by seducing a second-generation chaebol into marriage.




Seung-Chan, who is a new PD, has his different first days on his job with PD Ye-Jin, but after working together, he gradually has a crush on her. But then he is devastated discovering Ye Jin and PD Joon-Mo being affectionate towards each other. The film also tell career stories of the PDs with hectic schedules of filming, editing and all-night meetings.




After losing his father, Han Yi-soo narrowly escapes death due to the owners of Gaya Hotel Group, the family of his first love. A wealthy Japanese businessman adopts him, and 12 years later he returns to Korea with a new identity as Japanese-Korean businessman.

One Night Only

Ho Geun has already finished University exam. He and his friends have a burning desire is to Seoul to dissipate because they heard that there are many Gay Bars here. Once unintentionally, he almost got hit by a car. Fortunately, at that time Joon timely rescues. And they accidentally meet again. How will the love between a young man 18 years and a 32 year old man?

Obsessed (2014)

In the film Song Seung Hun plays a senior officer falls in love with the wife of his subordinate (played by actress Lim Ji Yeon). The couple fell in love at first sight even they all have married. Who plays the wife of Song Seung Hun is an beautiful actress of sex films Jo Yeo Jung. Affair of two characters, including Song Seung Hun has hot sex scenes with co-star from the bed to the car. After moments of physical touching, the couple live in fear of being discovered.

Days Of Wrath


Days Of Wrath

This film revolves around the relationship between Jong-Suk and Chang-Sik. In high school days, Joon-Suk always domineered Chang-Sik. Now, Joon-Suk finds really difficult to live a normal life because of Joon-Suk's activities. Meanwhile, Chang-Sik, who forgets what he did to-Seok Jeon, lives a happy life. He married Ji Hee. Joon Seok will return him all his suffering.

My New Sassy Girl

Gyun-woo falls in love with his elementary school classmate, a sassy girl from China who is always teased as she is not fluent in the Korean language. Several years later, the two meet again as adults. Despite the opposition of others, they marry. What awaits for Gyun-Woo goes beyond his imagination.




The film tells the story of a Catholic priest, who is in love with his friend’s wife, turning into a vampire through a failed medical experiment. What follows is a long and strange journey for our bloodsucking man of the cloth that gives him a first-hand look into the darker side of humanity.

I Am Sam


I Am Sam

The film is about the conflicts between the young teachers and the problems that high school students meet. Jang Yi San is a incompetent homeroom teacher who has to teach the only daughter of a highly dangerous mob leader, Eun Byul - a student with little chance to success.

Memoir of a Murderer

Byeong-soo was a serial killer in the past, though he now suffers from Alzheimer's disease. But when he comes across his daughter's boyfriend and instinctively realizes that he's the serial killer, he must try to fight him as well as his own mind in order to protect her.

Marry Me, Mary!

A dutiful daughter is forced to marry one man to fulfill her father’s business obligations. Desperate to escape this predicament, she begs a young man to pose as her husband, and finds herself in even more trouble than before.

Make Your Move

Can't be missed for those who are passionate about music and dance, Make Your Move is themed about music, as dance performances of the two impressive talent actors BoA Kwon, Derek Hough. This film will help you know more about the value of music and dance...

My Beautiful Bride

Kim Do Hyung (Kim Mu Yeol) discovered that his fiancee (Go Seung Hee) disappeared before the date of the wedding. In the course of effort to trace the whereabouts of his fiancee, he had turned into "a monster". In this process, Cha Yoon Mi (Lee Shi Young) - a policewoman would like to clarify the mystery surrounding the case and help, prevent Kim Do Hyung when he defied the law, used trick to achieve his purpose.

Mr. Back


Mr. Back

In the form of romantic comedy, tells the story of a 70-year-old company president for unexpected accidents that suddenly becomes a 30-year-old boy. There's something fascinating about to regain their youth. how does he adapt to new life? Mr Back will resolve all these questions in a humorous direction.

Loving You a Thousand Time

Affairs, surrogacy, and love bring four lonely souls together in this melodramatic hit. A woman desperate for money agrees to become a surrogate mother for a married couple only to fall in love at the most inopportune time.

Welcome To Dongmakgol

Also known as "Battle ground 625", this war comedic drama depicts a fierce battle between the North and the South Korean armies in 1950. Observing innocent people getting killed because of the savagery of war, a group of soldiers from both sides cooperate to help the villagers survive the coming winter.  




Right before the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, the Ming Emperor's Seal of State brought to Joseon by Chinese envoys is swallowed by a whale. The government promises a big reward for whoever brings back the royal seal, which leads mountain bandits led by Jang Sa-jung go out to sea to hunt the whale. But he soon confronts to Yeo-wol, a female captain of pirates, and a drastical battle happens.

The Negotiation

An ace police crisis negotiator, Chae-yoon, is called to the scene where her supervisor is taken hostage. Through the control room monitor, she is faced with the cold-blooded hostage taker, Tae-gu, whose demeanors are difficult to interpret. Against the 21-hour deadline Tae-gu has set, Chae-yoon tirelessly tries to crack the unusually calm perp over multiple video-calls. Eventually, the shocking truth begins to unveil.

Trot Lovers


Trot Lovers

The film is about the journey to become stars, and romance when any quarrel with Ji Hyun Woo, arrogant musician, who can not have more bad qualities anymore. He sulks and snobbish , but he also has to help her realize her dream.

A Man Called God

The film begins when Michael King plans to revenge his parents' death. He believes that he can use his power as head of an underground drug kingpin to punish those who hurt him.

The Good Wife


The Good Wife

A husband works as a successful prosecutor and his future appears bright, but he gets arrested for corruption in a political scandal. His wife then has to come back for the first time in 13 years as a prosecutor herself.

Fated To Love You

A touching Korean drama filled with comedy focuses around the story of a woman and a wealthy man ended up in an unwanted marriage. They have a one- night and then she discovers that she is pregnant. Will they get happiness and love?

You Are Too Much

The drama is about superstar singer Yu Ji-na, who hides her loneliness and pain, after having left behind a young son in order to pursue her career in her early days and her impersonator Jeong Hae-dang, who tries to be her family’s breadwinner by performing as Yu Jwi-na after her father loses his job.

Entourage (2016)

The dram follows Cha Young-Bin, a rising star actor in South Korea, highlighting the realities of him as a top actor and his entourage of friends, who are exploring their way through the entertainment world.
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