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Full List of History Movies

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The Best of Enemies

The story of the real-life unlikely relationship between an outspoken civil rights activist and a local Ku Klux Klan leader in 1971 North Carolina.

All the President's Men

The film follows Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, the two journalists investigating the Watergate scandal that leads to President Richard Nixon's resignation for The Washington Post.

Brotherhood of Blades 2 : The Infernal Battlefield

While investigating a case, Judgment - Judicial Training of the Northern Hemisphere fells into a vicious circle of conspiracies, to prove the purity of Self, the Superior and Bac Trai , a young lady, colleague - Bui Luan. Concise synergy, together investigate the truth.

All Things Must Pass The Rise and Fall of Tower Records

A historical documentary which goes through the history of Tower Records, from a modest beginning in a small-town drugstore to one of the most powerful forces in the music industry, its fall to collapse in 2006, and its legacy forged by its rebellious founder, Russ Solomon.

Hatfields & McCoys Part 1

Hatfields & McCoys revolves two rural families of the West Virginia-Kentucky area along the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River. The movie tells the dramatization of the bitter blood feud between these families in thẻ years after the Civil War.

A Viagem de Yoani

The Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez built her 1st computer on her own, created a blog without home internet access and today she has millions of monthly views. Writing about her daily life in Cuba and criticizing socialism, Yoani became well known and won international prizes.

The Jade Pendant

The movie is about a tragic love story set against the lynching of 18 Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles, in 1871. Filmed in Utah.

A Nightingale Falling

During Ireland's War of Independence, the lives of two sisters are changed forever when they care for a wounded soldier. What transpires in this historical period drama, is a tragic love story of an Anglo-Irish household and its inhabitants, caught in the crucible of deep dark secrets. Framed against a backdrop of a turbulent war-torn Ireland in the early1920's, May Collingwood is forced to make critical and difficult decisions when she rescues a British soldier and must now protect herself and sister Tilly. They live in fear of the British Black and Tans, the rising IRA, their own entrapment, and ultimately the dark secrets of un-requited love unfolding from within.




The film tells the story of Titus Andonicus, the Roman general who plants the seeds of future turmoil for himself and his family when he executes the son of the enemy Queen.

Best of Enemies

The documentary film features ten debates between liberal Gore Vidal and conservative William F. Buckley in August 1968, which are moderated by anchorman Howard K. Smith and are televised on ABC News.




Two men who lost each other in 100 years were reunited on the road searching for freedom. In 1856, a black slave named Samuel Woodward and his family fled the plantations Monroe, Richmond. There is a secret network called the Underground Railroad of the natives who helped his family to northern Canada journey. Samuel now forced to choose between revenge or freedom. 100 years ago, in 1748, John Newton, as the chief slave trade from Europe to the US. On the merchant ship that's paternal grandfather Samuel, who was rescued Captain Newton and changed his life. Newton established a testament to release and reward grandfather Samuel as well as all subsequent phylogenetic lineage, forever free.

Far from the Madding Crowd (1967)

Far from the Madding Crowd (Also Known As: Lejos del mundanal ruido ) is a Drama History Romance film directed by John Schlesinger and written by Thomas Hardy (from the novel by), Frederic Raphael (screenplay) . It released on 27 October 1967 (UK). The film stars Julie Christie, Peter Finch, Alan Bates. Bathsheba Everdene, a willful, flirtatious, young woman, unexpectedly inherits a large farm and is romantically pursued by three very different men.

Patriots Day


Patriots Day

The very powerful movie, about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, tells the story of a community’s courage in the face of terror. It follows Boston Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders as he joins the hunt of the suspects.

The 12th Man


The 12th Man

After a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission leaves his 11 comrades dead, Norwegian resistance fighter Jan Baalsrud finds himself fleeing from the Gestapo through the snowbound reaches of Scandinavia.




The movie centers on a woman named Colette, who is pushed by her husband to write novels under his name. Upon their success, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms.

Gintama - Season 4

In this season, the Shogun wants Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi to redo his mage. After Kagura is trying to ask the Shogun how he wants his hair done, she vomits and a Naruto gets stuck on the Shogun's head. What will they do the next?




The movie is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup call, a cross continental, cinematic journey, that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. It shed new light on the ways our worldview is profoundly affecting life on our planet.

The Tudors - Season 4

The fourth season continues with Henry stepping into his his fifth marriage with young prutient seductive free-spirited Catherine Howard. However, the newlyweds' honeymoon doesn't last long as the new queen's fidelity is soon under suspicion. Consequently,the sixth and final marriage is about to come, and this time to the currently widowed Catherine Parr. The final season witnesses the down-going in the ageing King's health, his capture of Boulogne - France in an attempt to spread his military power, and the deaths of his past wives has Henry solemnly contemplating his own mortality.

Titanic (1953)

Julia Sturges and her children board the Titanic. Her husband Richar is left far behind, but he still arranges passage on this ship. They are unhappy married couple and have many misunderstandings before. They have to face the death because of the iceberg making the ship sink. And the touching things begin...

Enemy At The Gates

A movies follows the battle in Stallinggrad between the Russian and German snipers with the key figure Vassili. Vassili is known as a skillful sniper of Russia, so he becomes the hunted target of German army




Right before the founding of the Joseon Dynasty, the Ming Emperor's Seal of State brought to Joseon by Chinese envoys is swallowed by a whale. The government promises a big reward for whoever brings back the royal seal, which leads mountain bandits led by Jang Sa-jung go out to sea to hunt the whale. But he soon confronts to Yeo-wol, a female captain of pirates, and a drastical battle happens.

Another Period - Season 3

Season 3 opens with Lillian and Beatrice taking up Hortense's mantle to begin fighting for women's rights; Peepers bristling at Father Black Donahue's new role at the manor.

Vikings - Season 4

Ragnar was in a vulnerable place, physically and emotionally, at the end of last season, where do we find him when Season 4 begins? A large part of this season is about identity and people trying to find out who they are and what they are and what they should be doing.

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave is the story of Solomon Northup, a free black man, a violinist who lives happily with his wife and two children in New York State. Scourge occurs when Northup was drugged and sold into slavery in 1841.Secrets and Problems are ahead. Watch the film to discover by yourself...

The Fortress


The Fortress

In 1636, the Qing dynasty attacks Joseon. King Injo and his retainers, including Choi Myung-kil and Kim Sang-hun, hide in the mountain fortress city of Namhansanseong. They are isolated from the outside. Meanwhile, Choi Myung-kil insists that they enter into negotiations with the Qing dynasty, but Kim Sang-hun proposes that they keep fighting.

Ghost Adventures - Season 18

The program follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Nick Groff (until season 10), and Aaron Goodwin as they investigate locations that are reported to be haunted. The show is introduced and narrated by Zak Bagans.

Anna and the King

Set during the 1860s, the film is a romantic story between the King of Siam, King Mongkut and a British widow Anna Leonowens. Anna along with her son Louis comes to Siam to teach English for King Mongkut’s children. She is also an intelligent woman who can help the King modernize his country, but still keep many ancient tradition, leading Siam to become unique.
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